I’m stupid, but God is good

As if anyone needed to be reminded of the first part of that title…

Yesterday I had plans to go to Lakeland, Florida to do some field work for my PhD stuff and also to speak to the awesome Middle Schoolers at Highland Park Nazarene.  I got to the airport only to realize that I had left my wallet at home.  Yes.  My wallet.  That which holds my drivers license and credit card and cash.  Now I’m 1 1/2 hours from my wallet and need to get on this plane.

I press on just to see what will happen and find out that its possible to board a plane without your ID on you.  They take you to the side, call mission control who taps into your enter life and they ask you weird questions that only you could answer.  This of course takes some time and they of course are in no hurry.  So once cleared I sprint to my gate where the worker says, “Are you Brian?”  “Yes!” I exclaim, thinking they have been waiting for me. “Sorry.  They just pushed away,” he says as I see the plane rolling back from the gate. “But we can get you on another flight that lands too late for it to be of help to you!”  (OK it wasn’t quite like that, but that’s the gist)

I am frustrated and sad and frustrated and so I start praying and call my wife who talks me down to sanity.

I say to God, “If I can find a flight for under $200 I’ll still do this, otherwise I guess its not supposed to happen.”

I approach another airline who says they can get me there in the time needed but they add, “But it’s going to cost you a lot.”  “How much?”

The lady does her type in the computer thing and stops and says, “Oh, wow!  That’s pretty good.  It’s $190.”  So I get on the flight.

Once on the flight, the guy sitting next to me asks me how I’m doing and I tell him the story and we talk.  He generously gave me $20 cash.  He is intrigued by my involvement in the church and we have a really good conversation about faith and church.  I really feel like God is working through my situation to bring this together.  As we leave he tells me that this is truly an incredible event because he “never talks to people on the plane.”  I find this startling because most who know me, know that I don’t either.

I arrive in Tampa and go the rental car counter to pick up the car I’ve reserved.  It turns out that you can fly on a plane, but not rent a car without a physical copy of a drivers license.  (and yes, if you are wondering, every rental counter at the airport abides by this policy)  Not knowing what to do next I stumble outside and around the corner where the taxi stand is.  $100 he says.  This is a bit steep I feel.  Super Shuttle says they’ll do if for $60 and so I take the chance that there won’t be 400 stops before me on the shuttle.  Sure enough there is 1.

After we quickly drop off the first person, I strike up a conversation with the driver and he asks where I’m going.  I tell him and he says, “no problem.  I’ll get you there fast.”  He kindly drives at a rapid pace and drops me off at the church.  Again, I really feel like God was with me in that because of so many variables that had to fall into place.

Once finally there I am able to do the talk (which goes really well thanks to God) and meet with some people for interviews.  What a great ministry they have there!  Thankfully, my hosts for the evening, Br0okly and Coy Lindsey are kind people and Coy drops me at my hotel by the airport and then I fly back today without incident.

All this drama because I’m dumb.  All this grace because God is good.

Throughout this my awesome and hot wife has been an incredible support, getting people to pray, loving me and answering my phone calls all day.  I am blessed.

Just felt like I had to share.

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2 Responses to I’m stupid, but God is good

  1. Jaclyn Rae says:

    The grace of God is so good! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Mitch Kemnitz says:


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