How do you view transitions?

Transitions are a part of life.  We grow older and transition from child to teenager to (we hope) adulthood.  We change our minds, our opinions, and sometimes even our values.  We change jobs sometimes.  We change little things, big things, on purpose, on accident.  Sometimes change happens to us to cause transition.  Transition is inevitable… the question is – how do you handle it?

Side bar – An orthodox friend asked me, “how many orthodox Christians does it take to change a light bulb?  Change!!!  Change!!!  We don’t change it, we venerate it for its years of faithful service and give it a holiday!”  Some funny people, my orthodox friends.

I’m thinking about transitions because my oldestson just turned 11 years old this weekend.  In our family we consider this a very important transition time and so we do a rite of passage weekend getaway with one of the parents.

Training at the Ali Center

My son and I had a great time as we talked about life, where he is right now, where he wants to go, the transition time he’s in, etc.  We also played, laughed and set up a slot car track in the middle of our hotel room.  One of the things we, as a family, are trying to re-claim are the rites of passage that mark specific and important transitions.  We believe these are incredibly healthy as they allow us a period of getting away, reflecting, sharing “insider information” on this next stage of life and then returning to a new rhythm and role.

How have you seen transitions handled well?  Poorly?  How was your experience?

I’m also thinking about transitioning in this blog.  I’m realizing more and more that I don’t spend the time I should at this, nor do I really have a direction with it.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to start another blog focused on “missional youth ministry” that will reflect my thoughts, research, class lectures that I’m giving and be a bit more of a resource I hope.  I’m also pretty sure I’m going to keep this one, but focus it a bit differently.

More to come on that and I would appreciate any and all suggestions.

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