Power of Story

I love stories and in our family we talk openly and often of the importance of stories, we tell stories, we listen to stories, we watch stories and we hope we’re living stories.  God has blessed me this week with some reminders of how powerful stories are and how God loves to work in stories too.

On Tuesday I received an order of books which included the Jesus Story Book Bible.  I’d heard about it from some friends and ordered it.  My kids are getting beyond “storybook Bible” days, but I went ahead and read from it for our family devotions after dinner that night.  I read the introduction chapter (and yes I showed the pictures) and then asked what they thought.  My son said, “That was awesome! That lady just has a great way with words.”  And so we’ve been reading from it every night and have been locked into the story in some great ways.

On Thursday my friend Josh posted this song, “The Church’s One Foundation” and it so happened that we had just song that song in our chapel here at Asbury University the other day.  A great story in a song.

For one of my classes that I teach I ask students to write their spiritual autobiography.  The point is to help them to begin to articulate their own faith in their own words.  This of course also helps me to know and understand students as well.  Today I had them share in small groups at least some of their own story with each other.  I have to say that it was a powerful class session as we regathered at the end to reflect on observations about God based on the stories they had heard and shared.  These stories took us places and revealed things about ourselves and God.

Thank you God for story.

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One Response to Power of Story

  1. Josh says:


    I’m so glad you got the Jesus Story Book Bible. Have you gotten to the story about Leah yet? Tears, my friend, tears will come from nowhere.

    And how cool that we sang the same song within the same week, but in totally different states (although they both start with “K”).

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