Missing: Brain parts and dreams

I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice this, but the recreational use of marijuana seems to be more and more acceptable.  This trend is disturbing to me on a number of levels including the fact that I work with young people on a regular basis, I have children of my own and the “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” comedy about it is increasing.

So I’ve been asking myself some questions about why this alarms me.  I have been raised that this is not okay and been told my whole life that marijuana is a gateway drug (which is quite true).  But I also know of some people who have never jumped through the “gate” to other drugs.  I also know that it is illegal and so don’t think its best to break the law on a regular basis.  But I break the speed limit often without thinking much about it.  So what else bothers me?

In my own experience the people that I know who have smoked marijuana regularly are pretty easy to spot as per their “burnt” behavior and problems keeping up cognitively.  This plus the fact that this group of people also seems stuck in a cycle of “getting by” and “living to party” which reads to me, “I just want to please myself at all times, please don’t make it difficult for me to do so.”  But to be honest I’ve had trouble putting some of these things into words.

Donald Miller, the author (most known for Blue Like Jazz), recently blogged on how smoking pot can rob you of your dreams because it causes you to be satisfied with the rest of your day, no matter what happens really.   He goes on to say that this being satisfied with the mediocre, is robbing you of the great story of your life.  I really resonate with his words and feel like it is an important issue, perhaps as important as the medical information.

But there is increased scientific information that smoking pot is not so good for us either.  If you are a young person, smoking marijuana can cause your still-developing brain to not be able to develop in all the right places and ways. In short, it keeps your brain from making connections, which means that your brain has to work a lot harder just to make the simple connections a “normal” brain makes.

We also now know that smoking marijuana over a long term effects memory in some pretty major ways, whether your a young person or not.

All that being said, I’m not really interested in losing part of my brain or any of my dreams.  I believe that helping people live the best kind of life doesn’t involve those things either.  I’m not one to “stand against” a lot of things.  I’d much rather stand for things.  So I guess I’m trying to say here that I’m going to keep on standing for people living the best kind of life and for people keeping their dreams.  If things like marijuana stand in the way of those things then I’m against them.

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One Response to Missing: Brain parts and dreams

  1. Mike says:

    So yeah, ah, well……..ah you got any gum?

    I’m sorry, I had to Brian. I have no use for or find any justification for the rec. use of pot. I certainly have friends that smoke on a rec. basis but in many cases, the rec. use is done everyday. I rec. golf but that does not mean I play golf everyday or need to play everyday.

    The aspect that I struggle with is the medical aspect. No, I’m not refering to the millions of people out there that have an ouchy back or their great-great grandmother had eye issues which in turn gives them their medical marijuana card. The part that I struggle with is my grandmother was terminally ill with less than a month to live and the hospital gave her a pill form of marijuana to take away some of her pain. If she knew this, she would never have taken the medicine. This medicine along with a bucket of morphine gave her the peace in her dying days. I don’t think she sinned nor do I think God was disappointed. I struggle with that ultra fine line between right and wrong with medical marijuana. Any thoughts?

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