Learning to be Present

One of the things that I’m learning is to be present to the moment.  That is to say that I’m learning to really BE with the people that are around me… or at least I’m trying.

I use technology a lot.  I like it.  I think for the most part it can make our lives better.  But I’ve also realized that I own my phone it doesn’t own me (the same with all technology – especially email).

The evidence is building that multi-tasking is not really helping us get more done, but rather less done.  This article from the NY Times is a great window into many lives and also has some good links to helpful studies on this issue.  I know this… when I’m with someone who is really present with me, I feel valued and listened to and significant.  When I’m with someone who is in their own world and occasionally looks up to acknowledge my presence, I don’t feel quite as important.

I know I’m still learning this, but I think its a good learn and I think it is a better use of me.  I don’t want to look back on my life and say, “remember that time when Bill tweeted about how he was going sky-diving”.  I think I’d rather just be building those experiences with people.

I also know that the more I’m present with God, the more present I’m able to be with others.

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2 Responses to Learning to be Present

  1. Kevin Snow says:

    We’ve been having this conversation around our house a lot lately. What little time we really have in the lifetimes of our kids! It’s a great reminder that our memories should be of shared experiences and not just stories about the people that matter to us. (By the way, I think that you’re better at this than you realize. You are someone I certainly treasure being present with.)

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