Talk to God

“This is the best way to act: talk a great deal to the Lord.”

– February 25, 1931. Brother Lawrence

There is something significant in our busy lives filled with technology, access, information and sound bytes that calls us to simply listen to God in the silence, talking to Him as a friend and recognizing his presence.

If you’ve never tried it I’ll challenge you to trying to do so for 30 minutes a day for one week. Your just giving up one sitcom a day… To potentially connect with the Creator of the Universe… Seems worth the week of “effort”.

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2 Responses to Talk to God

  1. josh says:

    Yes! It is easy to forget (unfortunately so) that our relationship with God doesn’t “just happen.” And it is easy to forget that falling into destructive and apathetic lifestyles doesn’t “just happen” either.

    • ragingbhull says:

      St. Patrick and the Celtic Christians used to make it first priority for people interested in Christ to spend an hour a day in their “cell” (room really) in prayer. They used to say, “you need no other teacher but your cell and God”. Something to that.

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