Things I’m Learning

If anyone is still reading this blog… sorry and thanks.  Sorry for taking so long between posts and thanks for being patient and a friend.

The semesters are over for me, both the classes I take and the classes I teach and I have been doing some self-evaluating.  I plan to continue this searching process the entire summer, taking time each day to listen to God and do some self-evaluation. My plan at this point is to post at least three times a week some of what I’m learning.  Some of this will be quite personal, some will be general, some will be serious, some funny… it’ll be life.

Which leads me to three things that I’m learning over the past week…

1) I’m tired.  Just plain worn out from the a year of taking classes and of teaching full-time.  This spring I found myself less disciplined in the little things and that really caught up with me.   With that tiredness I’ve realized…

2) I’ve lost some perspective.  I just take myself too seriously too often.  I really need to relax and be more gracious.

3) I miss Jacob’s Well Church.  This weekend the family and I were back in KC for a beautiful wedding.  Sunday morning we got to go to the early service at Jacob’s Well before the long drive back to Kentucky.  It was so good to be back there, to see friends, to shake hands, to laugh, to catch up, to worship together.   I missed seeing the Keel’s for sure, but it was good to back there.

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4 Responses to Things I’m Learning

  1. Josh says:

    No worries bro.
    Here’s to rest and peace.

  2. mucky37 says:

    i pray this summer is full of rest and growth brother.

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  4. Mitch Kemnitz says:

    Cool blog. I’ll follow & pray your summer is restful & instructive; I could use some wisdom myself.

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