What is Hope?

I was recently asked by someone to quickly jot down in 50-100 words the answer to that question, “what is hope?”  Below was my response…

I wonder what your quick response would be?  You could use stories, definition, whatever.  I’d love to hear it.  God knows that I’ve been looking for hope in a lot of situations lately.

Hope is…

– Obediently putting yourself in situations where you simply are not enough on your own and the only way that things will work is if God does something great.

– Refusing to live in a mindset of scarcity and having the courage to think and live in abundance and wholeness.

– Thinking the best of others…always.

– Daring to dream big kingdom of God dreams and being ready for God to fulfill them.

– What the broken world has none of and does not understand.

– Living in the light of the resurrection.

– The scary moment where you realize that the resurrected Christ has nothing to fear and could do anything… and could ask you to join Him.

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