Emergentia 09 report!

What a great event!  God is so good!  The second Emergentia event was a great opportunity to connect with old friends, make new friends, connect with God and to dive into the deepest questions of our hearts about ministry.

The event featured times of presentations from veterans in ministry helping us think through what it means to be a people who are Christian (Dan Copp – great challenge for us to stay grounded in reality and hope), Missional (Dave Curtiss – a deep and moving call for us to engage those on the “other side” from Mark’s gospel) and Holiness (Stan Reeder – started a little deep for some but definitely got us where we needed to go).  Those presentations were followed up with opportunities for conversations lead by facilitators helping to work through what each of those three values mean for us in our local communities and ministries.  These conversations were great!  We also spent some time working through some issues of justice and re-embracing the symbols of our faith.

Tony Kriz (you may know him as “Tony the Beat Poet” from Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz) spoke on the final night of the event challenging us with a view of our churches, language, expressions and ministries from the perspective of culture at large.  This was also very helpful.

For me personally I enjoyed the life-giving conversations with people who are passionate about Christ and the Kingdom. These were the highlights for me.  Drinking coffee (lots and lots of coffee) and just hearing friend’s hearts as they process through what God is calling them into.

On another level it was awesome for me to see the event take on a life of its own.  I worked hard to bring the first event to fruition a year ago and to see the whole thing take on a personality and shape that fits our host friends at Community of Adsideo was a whole new joy.  They did a great job bringing the event together and hosting us with a truly Christ like hospitality.  I believe God has greater things in store for Adsideo and Emergentia as it continues to move forward.  I count it a privilege to be a part of it.

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One Response to Emergentia 09 report!

  1. chris bean says:

    Glad to hear the great report! Really hated to miss this event but hopefully we can plan some regional conversations like this soon…and then who knows…Vegas in 2010?! 😉

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