Wild Goose Chase

God, send me on a wild goose chase!

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately about St. Patrick and his mission and impact.  Awesome and inspiring stuff… some of which will be coming out in my workshop at the Youth Specialties convention in Cincinatti –  Creating Youth Missionaries: Ministry in the Model of St. Patrick  – where I will also be spending time talking about Peer Cluster Theory.

Part of the legacy of St. Patrick is the monastic groups that he started who were missional in nature, wandering the countryside searching for people to be kind to and share the gospel with.  Some have said that these Celtic monks referred to their job as “Going on a Wild Goose Chase!” in reference to their searching for where the Holy Spirit is at work.  How great is that!!!  In all my reading I cannot find anything to completely confirm or deny this, but its so great I have to start using it.

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One Response to Wild Goose Chase

  1. Sherri Jachelski says:

    Here’s the study we’ve just started with our small group called “Chase the Goose.”

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