Emergentia: an Unforeseen Occurence

I’m really getting excited about the Emergentia 09 event.  If you are a young leader or if you are an advocate of some young leaders, this event is particularly important to you!

I know that many of you are involved in ministry in an emerging and post-modern world.  I also know that it can be difficult to know who to talk to about the how’s of doing ministry in that kind of a setting.  I’d like to invite you to an upcoming event that is addressing these key issues of our time.  This second annual event, Emergentia, is focused on directly pouring into young leaders in theologically and missionally practical ways where you will gain insight from leading ministry veterans and develop practical skills working in small groups facilitated by current ministry practitioners.

Emergentia will be focused on what is means to be a Christian, Missional and Holiness people in an emerging post-modern world.  Emergentia is hosted by the Community of Adsideo in Portland, Oregon, November 4-7.  We’ve worked hard to keep this event as affordable ($30 for registration) and as helpful as possible, focusing on helping each participant work through these issues for their specific ministry setting.  For more information and to register, please visit our website: paxsumma.com.

Will you please join me for this ministry shaping event?  I’d value your input and participation.

Speakers: Dave Curtiss, Dan Copp, Stan Reeder, Tony Kriz

Co-Facilitators: Jon Middendorf, Jim Wicks, Brian Hull, Dave Charlton, James Hampton, Tevis Austin

I hope to see you there!!

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