Emerging Nazarene White Paper: A Few Words

The paper presented in the below post represents years of dialogue, new friendships, renewed passion in Christ and in the Nazarene church.  I hope that it is percieved in the spirit that it was written: with arms wide open for more dialogue and more new friends.

I’m happy to discuss this paper with any who wish to engage the conversation.  I’ll just ask that you read it in its entirety before you comment on any part.  I’ll also ask that you remember that the other writers and myself are all pastors and people who love Jesus and love the Nazarene church.

It is with much humility that we present this to you.

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4 Responses to Emerging Nazarene White Paper: A Few Words

  1. Jeremy says:

    Looking forward to reading this! (It may take awhile!!!)

  2. Joel says:

    just want you know.
    this is baidu.


  3. Pete says:

    Thank you all for this paper. It does a better job of defining the segment of our culture we are called to minister in better than anything else I have read so far. I really appreciate the tie-in of our Nazarene history as well.

    I do not see us looking to start something “new.” Rather, I see us continuing the work that was started 100 years ago, in today’s post-modern culture.



    • ragingbhull says:

      Thanks for the comment Pete!

      I also see this as faithfully representing those who have gone before us, embracing their story as we live into our own.

      Peace, Brian

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