Making Fun of Youth Ministry

Any time something is really funny, its generally because there is some truth in the midst of it. If you are in youth minsitry at all, you really should watch the following two clips from a comedy show called “Horne & Corden” from across the pond.  These are pretty painful to watch and perhaps more painful to hear all the laughter about, not because they aren’t funny, but because that means they are probably pretty true.

What does this mean about youth ministry, the church and our future?

[HT: Johnny Baker]

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4 Responses to Making Fun of Youth Ministry

  1. Scott Jones says:

    Brian…ouch. We have met a couple of times at DLC and I have admired your passion for real, life-changing sharing of the gospel…without the “cheese factor”. I have been a youth pastor for 14 years and have seen YM poked fun at before, but these sketch’s kind of hit at the heart of what is wrong with our “profession”, yes? When we turn Jesus into a product to sell, this is the result. These sketch’s don’t make me mad, they make me sad that Jesus’ message has been so commercialized and marketed that it barely resembles what He came here to teach. Thanks for sharing these my friend.

  2. Josh says:

    …that heavenly fix…
    …come into my room…

    sheesh maneesh!

  3. Chris R says:

    These guys are way off base, Gosh Dangit, the mocking needs to stop.

  4. Chris says:

    Not sure what to do with that…

    …since I can’t stop laughing!

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