Pure in heart… pt. 2

As I mentioned before, as a part of our observance of Lent, my family and I are reflecting on one of the beautitudes from Matthew 5:3-11.  I’ve chosen, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.”

I tweeted a question (and therefore facebooked) about what image comes to mind to represent “Pure” and got a wide variety of responses.  Thanks if you responded.  One that has stuck in my mind is the purity of gold AFTER its been refined.  One of the key assumptions to refining anything is that it already has impurities in it, which I really think fits well with me personally (and my experience of humanity as a whole).   Plenty of imperfections and impurities here!

This would be in contrast to “pure like driven snow”, which would indicate a “never been tarnished” type of purity.

Which brings me back to “pure in heart”… I know that I am full of impurities on my own.  I know that my heart contains all kinds of imperfections, perhaps not originally there, but there now nonetheless.  I also am fully aware that I am totally NOT capable of purifying my own heart.  There is literally nothing I could do, no retreat I could go on long enough, no amount of personal awareness that I could attain, no amount of self-actualization – yes, nothing I could do – to purify my own heart.

So here it is… God purify my heart, that I may truly see you.

more to come…

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One Response to Pure in heart… pt. 2

  1. Peter Park says:

    That’s why He came to die on the cross.

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