Jesus is disturbing

A new book is out on my favorite subject: Jesus.  Entitled Seeking the Identity of Jesus, the book gathered many contributers and they came up with the below list of 9 things they could agree on (sorta disappointed in the number 9… wouldn’t 7 have been better?  If you have to go past 7 can’t you get to 10?  Even better how about 40?).  The one that stuck out to me is number 8 – “Jesus is a disturbing, destabilizing figure.”

As we enter into the season of Lent this day, that is my prayer:  That I may allow the true Jesus to disturb and destabilize me where I part from the Kingdom.  God I confess my attempts to tame your Son.

1. Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew.
2. The identity of Jesus is reliably attested and known in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.
3. The entirety of the canonical witness is indispensable to a faithful rendering of the figure of Jesus.
4. In order to understand the identity of Jesus rightly, the church must constatly engage in in the practice of deep, sustained reading of these texts.
5. To come to grips with the identity of Jesus, we must know him as he is presented to us through the medium of narrative.
6. The trajectory begun with the the NT of interpreting Jesus’ identity in and for the church has continued through Christian history.
7. Because Jesus remains a living presence, he can be encounterd in the community of his people,the body of Christ.
8. Jesus is a disturbing, destabilizing figure.
9. The identity of Jesus is something that must be learned through long-term discipline.

LeRon Shults has more on the book here.

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