Living in Jubilee vs. Culture of Debt

Obviously all of us are trying to figure out which end is up and where this crazy economic tide is taking us right now.  As we are still trying to sell our house in KC, we have been even more attentive to all of this.

Two interesting pieces came into focus for me –

First a re-study of some of the works on “Day of the Lord” and “Jubilee” language from Jesus.  (This Kingdom of God stuff is quite liberating honestly!)  While I’m not a NT expert, nor am I any kind of economist, I do find quite a bit of sustainability and hope in this prophetic way of life.

Secondly, and this is quite substantial, I came across the recent speech of Prabhu Guptara, Executive Director, Organisation Development in Switzerland, from September 2008 [thanks Andrew Jones].  Entitled “The Global Culture of Debt”, Dr. Guptara makes great comments about the need for cultures to return to a biblically centered life.  I’ve blogged and talked tons about a prophetic kind of life and feel that this is one element that is often missed (especially by me) in this whole conversation.

It is totally worth your time to check it out.  Life changing stuff if you ask me.  Money quote:

the only cultures which have* not* been marked by debt have been Biblical cultures, and, with the rejection of the Bible, we should expect the return of the culture of debt – indeed the return of culture of debt was and is inevitable, with all its disastrous consequences. But there is always hope because we are called in every generation on this earth, to the struggle for faith, righteousness and peace.”

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