Graphs to Athiests: Fun and thoughtful links

I could probably do a post on all of these, as I’ve been stockpiling them… but instead I offer them to you all in one!

On a less serious note…

For a long time I’ve been catching the hilarity and simple goodness of Asbo Jesus

Lately find myself checking graphjam when I should be doing something else…

On a More Serious Note…

Mike King said of this clip… “how many times will I watch this video before I can make it all the way through without crying like a baby?”  I simply have to agree.

Finally, you must read this article.  It has to do with mission, Jesus and so much more. It’s entitled, “As an Athiest, I truly believe that Africa needs God“.

OK, one last finally, be sure to check out Brian McLaren’s quick thoughts on grace and criticism here.  I’ve seen this grace and attitude up close and in real life displayed by Brian.  This is not just far away blog pondering.

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One Response to Graphs to Athiests: Fun and thoughtful links

  1. Josh says:

    Newton. HA!

    That video…is great!

    I want to read the article…

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