Youth and Scripture Pt. 4

This will be my wrap up to this short little series.  Thanks to all who have read and to those who have commented either here or through email.


One of my heart’s desires is to see people (especially young people) connect with and engage in Scripture.  I believe that the more we engage it, the more that God reveals Himself to us and the more we see God for who He really is (as best we can), the more that we recognize our un-godliness.  That is to say, that we get to place where we recognize that we need God and that we are not God and so we begin to see others as equal. While I understand that information doesn’t equal transformation, I do believe that the more we are able to engage and wrestle with Scripture in community, the more that we are refined.

I do believe that Mike’s comment about tying this to technology is a valid one.  We could stand around and argue that students should learn to engage in Scripture in book form, but we must realize that the book form that we now read the Scripture in is indeed a technological advance from when Christ read it.  I know that the studies and results on e-books are mixed, but perhaps that is an alternative.  I’m also wondering about ways that we connect the stories of Scripture to film.  I believe that the Scripture writers, were they recounting things today, would use film as their medium.  How can we engage in that process?  Any thoughts?

I also appreciate Timothy’s comments and questions here.  His confrontation with the competition part of Bible Quizzing echoes many questions I’ve asked myself before.  I also appreciate his motivation to help kids learn to apply Scripture.  This aspect of living out what we read and learn is just fantastic and I think a generation of teenagers are hungry for just that kind of real-time integration.


For any of you lurkers or hesitators out there, you are welcome to lurk and read and not-comment, but I would love it if you have any practical ideas or other thoughts on this matter to jump in here and engage.  This is such an important issue.  I appreciate that the conversation here is heading towards constructing ways to connect teeangers with Scripture, not just deconstructing old ways.  Let’s continue to dream together.

My next little run of posts will be on Feeling Homeless: Wandering in our own World

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