Obama and Bob: Connecting the Dots

I’m no political analyst, but I believe an obvious connection has been missed by millions of Americans regarding Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign. If you’re not already, you may want to sit down for this revelation.

As you are aware (unless you’ve been living a better life than I, completely sheltered from the media for a year), one of Obama’s key slogans has been, “Yes, we can!” This simple, yet catchy, phrase has caught on and drawn many young people to voting for Obama. Could it be that someone else had adopted that slogan first? Could it be that Obama’s brilliant campaign managers discovered this already utilized and catchy phrase and exploited it (without credit as far as I know) for their own gain?

Let me be more specific. If you are either a child, a parent (or grandparent) of child, or for any reason have seen Children’s television you’ll recognize the famous face of Bob the Builder below…

Many of you are standing in shock as you already have realized where this is going. Bob the Builder’s theme song states,
“Bob the Builder, can we fix it?
Bob the Builder, YES, WE CAN!” (bold added by me for emphasis)

To be honest, I’m not the least bit bothered by the complete rip off and manipulation of a children’s theme song to win an election and motivate a people. However, I must confess that I will become worried if the next election has the theme, “Sunny day, pushing the clouds away”.

Special thanks to my friend Josh for helping me make this connection.

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2 Responses to Obama and Bob: Connecting the Dots

  1. Josh says:

    All too true, my friend. All too true.

  2. Chris Bean says:

    That’s great…I knew it sounded familiar!

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