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Kindness: A Posture that Matters

Just ran across this youtube video and it is very worth your time to watch. Penn Gillette is an outspoken atheist and a world renowned magician. As you watch listen to the language he uses while talking about the person … Continue reading

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True Love Doesn’t Wait?

I have never been a big fan of the traditional models for helping teenagers say no to premarital sex (or drugs or drinking or much else on the “no” scale). They usually start with rules, add some more rules and … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer

My kids say it all the time, my friends joke about it and my students remind me of it often… I’m old.  I’m also pretty goofy.  Hopefully these two things will make you realize how goofy you are and perhaps … Continue reading

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Emergentia Introduction Remarks/Pics

I know that I’m super late on posting this, but wanted to follow through on my promise.  Below are the pics and text from my opening remarks at emergentia.  These in many ways, I believe, came out of the attitude … Continue reading

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