Fired for Jesus

I just finished reading through Getting Fired for the Glory of God a new book by Youth Specialties which is a combination of articles and talks from Mike Yaconelli.  For those who might not know who Mike was, he pioneered modern day youth ministry (along with Wayne Rice and others) and was the co-founder of Youth Specialties.

While I had read most of the articles the first time they came out, they reminded me of Mike’s passion for teens, for the church, for youth workers and most importantly for the kingdom.  Mike was truly one of a kind.  The greatest treasure of this book though it the DVD that comes with it which includes video and audio talks from Mike.  I found myself stopped in my tracks physically and spiritually as I listened to Mike speak.  He was a powerful speaker and clearly anointed by God.  Was Mike perfect?  No.  But he did so much to point so many towards Jesus and teens, one of those of course, was me.  Thanks for sharing this treasure with us YS.

And yes, Mike was fired for Jesus… more than once.

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2 Responses to Fired for Jesus

  1. Russ says:

    I remember back a few years ago (about five) when I had the chance to sit down with Mike at a YS conference. During that time, the church I was serving at was going through some rough waters and I created some waves. Really, it was all about integrity- the churches, mine, and most importantly, HIS. Through some hard conversations, I was fired for the glory of God. These things happen; they need to some times. Now I am at a church that is growing deep and wide. We aren’t perfect, but I would be here if it wasn’t for there. Let’s face it- if you aren’t “comfortable” with being fired for the glory of God, perhaps you’re too “comfortable” standing still. Who ever thought being fired would be such a good thing? Thanks YS, and thanks to the late Mike Yaconelli for placing these thoughts in my heart.

  2. Ben says:

    I was fired about 2 years ago from Teen Challenge. We were not seeing eye to eye on things and our department was falling apart. I had just gotten my review and a raise and 2 weeks later I was fired. I was asked to lie about getting fired and officially tell HR that I chose to leave so they didn’t have to pay unemployment or get sued for wrongful termination because they didn’t follow the policy for termination. God used that experience to work out some character in me and help me grow. I was fired for the Glory of God and it really sucked but was the best thing for me. I loved this book it really summed up what has been burning in my heart for along time but I never was able to express.

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