Even the darkness… UPDATED

For the last two weeks I’ve been listening pretty much non-stop to “Mike Crawford and His Secret Siblings” worship album, “Songs from Jacob’s Well”.

It is dyn-o-mite!  Which is the highest rating I can give anything in the world.

Why, you may ask, is this so dyn-o-mite? Let me count the ways…

1.  Great music, great songs, great production.

2.  All these songs are “worship” songs, but not happy, crappy praise stuff.  These are really well done songs that come from within the heart of the community of Jacob’s Well.  Songs written out of Scripture passages that they worked through together, songs written out of struggles, joys, pains and victories.  In short, it’s the real stuff of life that comes out here and comes out so beautifully.

3.  Okay, I’ll reveal a little bias on my part.  We just moved from Kansas City where we were a part of Jacob’s Well and these are the songs that I love and miss.  I’ve told friends about them for years and now I get to share them (and some of my stories that go with them).  Plus I count Mike Crawford and His Secret Siblings as friends.  BUT, don’t let my personal bias sway you because…

4.  As someone who has spent some time working with bands, musicians, etc. in the events I’ve done, I can honestly say that this album bears out what is heard most every Sunday at Jacob’s Well.  Excellent musicians.  Small touches of artistry within songs that reveal a deeper level of both revelation and beauty.  Well written songs that poetically capture in words and music what the heart is already saying.  The album music and the live music match up.

5.  I am pro-Jesus and pro-Scripture and this album is chocked full of great references to our hope, peace and love found only in Christ and revealed in Scripture.  For another level of fun you might listen to the album with Scripture in one hand.

6.  Album artwork... well it’s pretty much perfect for this album.  Also well done and completely authentic.

7.  I’ve saved this one for last because it is the most revealing and to be honest as a man who grew up in Flint, Michigan, a little hard to admit.  It makes me cry.  That’s right.  Pretty much every time I listen to the album all the way through when I get to “Words” the last song (and my favorite song in the Universe which is undoubtedly is being sung by angels as we speak), I cry.  Sometimes its just tears streaming down my cheeks, and other times its a bit of blubbering, but its true.  It moves me that much.  There I’ve blogged it and its out there for everyone to see.

If that’s not enough for you… my family loves it as well.  Go here and buy it and have it shipped immediately to wherever you are.  You will smile (and maybe cry).

UPDATE:  Here and here are a couple more reviews worth checking out.  I’d also recommend this interview with Mike.  If you are super lucky and live in KC or will be in the area this weekend check out this great opportunity.  If you go, give Mike and His Secret Siblings an appropriate man hug for me.

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2 Responses to Even the darkness… UPDATED

  1. Darren says:

    Right on, brother. Transferring all songs to my MP3 player tonight.

  2. Josh says:

    I’m pro-Jesus too!

    This is an excellent list you’ve put together here, and I may just have to purchase this for a Christmas gift!

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