Inside Out Growth: Emergentia

One of the things that has to happen in the growth process is that things have to begin changing on the inside first. For example with a plant, there is all kinds of changes going on inside the seed before it actually starts to sprout. And there is all kinds of things going on inside the plant and leaves before it flowers. Inside – out.

So too are we people. God has to begin to do something on the inside before we see change on the outside. For example, God can begin to change my understanding of poverty and the reasons behind poverty, before I begin to act out against poverty. Inside-out.

My hope is that through this upcoming event that I’m a part of: emergentia, that people will allow God to begin to BOTH start changing them from the inside out AND begin calling us to action, giving us synergy and open doors through which we can walk together for change and kingdom growth. I believe that God can help change us on the inside as we spend time in conversation together about what God is doing in our lives personally, what He is doing in the faith communities to which we belong and what we feel God is calling us into for this new day and age. As iron sharpens iron I believe our time together will be a time of growth and refinement. For some it very well may be all inside change. I hope that part of that change is from deconstruction of the church (and specifically the Nazarene Church) to reimagination of what ministry can look like.

I also believe that God can give all kinds of places for us to grow as we come together and then send each other out. First, I believe that God can give us new found vision for what ministry in this emerging world can look like. A vision that we can grow into! Second, I believe that God can give us partnerships for ministry and for support, so that we can know that we are not alone and that there are others imaging anew as well. Third, I believe that God can give us a voice, one that is both prophetic and healing. Prophetic in the sense that it will call others to join us and to reimagine with us. Healing in the sense that it will put into words what some others are feeling (like a good poet can).

Will you join me in praying for this kind of growth?

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