Does “baby” blue make a uniform dumb?

Carol and I were watching the game last night and I admitted, “while I love everything about the Steelers including their uniform, the Chargers have the best uniforms in the league.  And if not the best uniforms, then the best helmets.”

My wife openly and audibly scoffed, “What????  That baby blue is so dumb.  A lightning bolt on a helmet?  How dumb is that?”

You spend 12+ years with someone and you think you know them, then WHAM! they hate the lightning bolt.

Anyone brave enough to take sides here?

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One Response to Does “baby” blue make a uniform dumb?

  1. Josh says:

    There are definitely some dumb symbols out there. I am a chief’s fan, but I don’t like our arrowhead symbol. I don’t know what it is, but it doesn’t feel symmetrical.

    I like the baby blue, but I have been skeptical about the lightening bolt. Although, the bolt is impressive when you think of it’s long history, especially Roman mythology.

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