Political Views: Public or Private?

I’ve been quite interested in how people have chosen to voice their opinion or not voice their opinion on the upcoming election.  Of course, the blogosphere is full of opinions on everything including politics, but what has interested me is people who normally have not said much, weighing in their opinion for this election.

The best news on this to me is that perhaps we’ll have one of the best turnouts for an election ever (yeah, voting people exercising their rights!).

Some people that I follow regularly are weighing in… Tony Jones and Brian McLaren to name a few.  Slightly humorous to me is political junky, Doug Pagitt, at the RNC REPORTINGare you kidding me?

I feel that the key part of the election, and the part that will win the election , is Obama’s use of “we” rather than “I” or “me” so much in his message.  It’s just a different language for a different day and its getting people’s attention in the right way.

I’ll keep my own opinion private… for now anyway.  I know you are desperately awaiting another blog to post on this election… its so undercovered.

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