Metaphors that Describe Us

In class recently we were discussing the use of metaphors in language, particularly faith based and church language.  I dusted off Spencer Burke’s Making Sense of Church and have found some good questions there… questions that are forcing me to re-think a few of the metaphors I’ve had and used in life.

For example, this blog has been – Ragingbhull – not because I’m particularly raging, but because many have called me bhull and a friend recommended that would be a good autobiography title for me (in jest I think).  I thought it was funny and catchy, so…  I have replaced that for today with the “Peaceful Sumo” header which I think is a funny picture and caption.  But both of those are metaphors that are more… well, violent.  I don’t think of myself as violent or raging in any way, but if I am then I definitely don’t want to define myself in those ways.

So, I’m up for suggestions for the next few days.  I will be “weighing in” (pun intended) on this of course too.   For now I’m embracing the metaphor of “a parent awaiting their first child’s return from the first day of school” as I await your suggestions.

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One Response to Metaphors that Describe Us

  1. Darren says:

    Variations on a name: Peace & Hullness; The Hull Nine Yards; Hullabaloo; The Hull Ball of Wax; Hully, Hully, Hully; The Hull Truth; Hullacious . . .

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