Genius is simply Genius

One of my students always has his macbook open before, during and after class (which is not only fine, but probably wise in my opinion).  So before class yesterday, while students were still arriving, I wandered back and asked him what he was surfing today.  He said, “well just email right now, but if you haven’t already I highly recommend the new itunes update with Genius”. He gave me a quick example picking a random song from his collection on his computer, hit the “genius” button and TA-DA!  There was a playlist chosen from his own library based on the one song he chose as a starter.

I went home last night and quickly downloaded the latest and greatest and tried it out for myself.  It’s incredible.  It picks a great playlist everytime.  It is… dare I say it… genius!

I wish I was getting paid to write this, but I’m not… I just think its part of a better life to have this!

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