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Metaphors that Describe Us

In class recently we were discussing the use of metaphors in language, particularly faith based and church language.  I dusted off Spencer Burke’s Making Sense of Church and have found some good questions there… questions that are forcing me to … Continue reading

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Funny Meg moment

We are at this picnic for Nazarenes from both the seminary and college and we have to all fill out name tags.  I invite Meg over to help, as she usually enjoys this, and she writes her name and then … Continue reading

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Political Views: Public or Private?

I’ve been quite interested in how people have chosen to voice their opinion or not voice their opinion on the upcoming election.  Of course, the blogosphere is full of opinions on everything including politics, but what has interested me is … Continue reading

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Genius is simply Genius

One of my students always has his macbook open before, during and after class (which is not only fine, but probably wise in my opinion).  So before class yesterday, while students were still arriving, I wandered back and asked him … Continue reading

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