Quick Update

We are in the process of moving in to a new home, office, town, community, etc.  We appreciate all your prayers and support through our move.

We pulled into town just in time Monday night for open houses at the kids’ schools.  Then found some food and our place to stay for the night.  Tuesday morning I couldn’t find the keys to the moving truck (they’d fallen out of my pocket at the restaurant the night before) and so that put us way behind schedule on getting the truck unloaded.  Since then we’ve been non-stop getting things unloaded and set up in our house.

It has been tougher than I had thought physically (I’m just plain sore and tired), but easier so far than I thought in other ways.  The kids seem to be finding a spot in their schools and the neighborhood with friends which is a major answer to prayer.  Carol’s mom has been with us through the move and has been a huge blessing!  I’m moving into my office right now and trying to get my head wrapped around the classes I’m teaching.  [Kate asked the question of the year as we pulled into town and drove by the campus… “Dad, do you even know HOW to teach?”]

We appreciate your continued prayers as we pray also for you all!

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One Response to Quick Update

  1. Professor Hull –
    I know you will do a bang-up job…you have a lot to offer Youth Ministry (with a capital Y and a capital M).

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