Church Future? Social Networking and Shared Authority

Among those who are in church planting and church health circles, there has been much buzz about understanding and utilizing social networking.  With the boom in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other platforms of connection, people are wondering not if, but how these social networking theories can be applied to other avenues, such as church.

To go along with this new understanding of how culture is changing and connecting, there is another growing issue in established organization and businesses: decentralized authority.  While we may not like to acknowledge it, this issue is not only changing the way that businesses communicate and deal with structure and system, but is also changing the face of politics and church as well.

For most of us while we may not articulate this all in the same way, we do know that this is happening and is a part of our culture.  In fact many of us are already an active part of this cultural change in way or another.

For those of us most interested in church, we see these two formational forces come together in the house church movement.  There is a fascinating article that talks about this here.  I highly recommend the read as it does a fine job of describing the phenomenon.  Andrew Jones also picked up on this article here.

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3 Responses to Church Future? Social Networking and Shared Authority

  1. Tyler says:

    Good thoughts. I think this is really interesting stuff.

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