My friend James

I have a friend named James.  I’ve known him for over 10 years.  We first met when I was living in KC, going to seminary and we were both attending KC 1st Nazarene.  Now we run into each other nearly every Sunday at Jacob’s Well.

James asked me to post a link on my site to a camp that he is attending this summer, Camp Barnabas.  Their site says, “Camp Barnabas exists to provide awesome, life-changing opportunities to people who have been robbed of them by disability or disease. Each summer we offer acceptance and love to more than 1,300 campers with special needs, empowering them to live lives of ability.”

A quick James story:  I was walking down the hall at JW and saw James approaching me going the opposite direction.  We greeted one another and then as we approached each other in passing James reached out his hand to touch my forehead.  Now, for those who really know me, you’ll know that I have a larger than average personal space bubble and that I can’t stand it when people touch my head, especially unexpectedly.  My reaction to James move towards my head was an immediate “head-jerk” reaction away from him.  James stopped and said, “wait, I just wanted to do this” and put his finger on my forehead signing the cross.  He then put his hand on my shoulder and said a short silent prayer for me.  He quickly moved on his way.

Me, I was grabbed by the show of love and care from James and by my own initial reaction to James’ reaching out to me.  I also sensed in that moment that somehow Jesus himself had just touched me, stopped me, prayed for me, shared presence with me.

Thanks James for being you and I hope you have a great time a camp this year!

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