Further Proof: I am Dumb

Was near Chicago this weekend at Olivet Nazarene University, my alma mater, for an NYI regional event (Celebrate Life).  I flew into O’Hare, picked up some others who were flying in to be at the event, went to lunch at Giordanno’s.  So far so good. 

Drove the hour and a half to campus then realized that I had brilliantly left my cell phone at the restaurant.  OK… so I only use it all the time and was only expecting about 4 phone calls and had 3 people expecting phone calls from me.  And did I mention I manage my 50+ emails a day on it?  Oh, and that it’s not mine, but rather the company’s?  So I track down the number of Giordanno’s and call them.  They had the phone in their office. 

THANK YOU GIORDANNO’s!!  Not just for great pizza, but also for not selling my phone or keeping it as your own. 

I turned around and drove the hour and a half back up there, retrieved my phone, ate dinner there (silver lining!), then drove the hour and a half back.  I am so dumb.

Special thanks to Jeremy Bixler who was willing to be a true friend and ride with me and only mock me occassionally.  Also because he introduced me to the “Mighty Shake”.  Well done, Jeremy, well done.

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2 Responses to Further Proof: I am Dumb

  1. Josh says:

    you’re not dumb.

  2. Josh says:

    and you removed the towel post. too sad. i have it saved in my google reader!

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