Now that’s Commitment

Last weekend I was back home in Flint, Michigan for another Discipleship Summit.  I took my youngest son, Isaiah with me.  Of course we spent a lot of time with my family.  Isaiah had a great time being the only cousin/grandson from out of town for the weekend.

I got to spend some time with my brother, Kevin.  He and the youth ministry that he is a part of had just completed the 30-hour famine.  They had a great time serving, learning and raising funds for a great project in North Malawi.  The group set a goal for funds to be raised and my brother promised that if they made their goal he would be dying his hair the color of their choosing.  I called the Tuesday before I came and the report came back that it did not look good for the group to meet its goal.  The hair seemed safe.  In fact even after the initial count of funds the goal seemed quite out of reach.  But,  in a some what miraculous turn of events the money poured in and the hair had to be changed.

Thankfully I was on the scene to record my brother’s turn from brown hair to green.  While I am both proud of my brother and a tad incredulous that this happened, I can’t help but applaud his commitment to teenagers, to the gospel and to being a part of making a difference in this needy area in Africa.  It made me
wonder what I’d be willing to change or give up for the sake of the gospel.  Thanks Kevin for modeling a passion for change (in more ways than one)!

I mentioned in the midst of this process that Kevin could just keep with the theme of change and go just a few blocks down and get a tattoo as well.  He responded that would have to be another fund-raiser.  I’m putting in the first $10.00.

Kevin\'s transformation

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