Truth: the World Wide Issue

Just ran into an interesting article about truth on TechCrunch, an online magazine about the technology industry.  There is an ongoing debate as to the effectiveness and truth of Wikipedia.  Truth, in all her beauty, has appeared again center stage as people argue over who she really is and who should be in control of naming something true or not. 

It’s fascinating to me that in this age of post-modernity where people have claimed for years that truth is defined by community, that this issue has arisen at this time in this way.  The quote of the article comes towards the end in the writers assessment of this debate…

“But the truth is that Truth itself is always evolving, even the experts’ notion of it.”

Two main things stick out to me here…

1)  It is becoming apparent that even in an era where the community that you are with sets the parameters for what is true and what isn’t, there are people within your community that have more of a say or are more of an expert.  Which makes me wonder how we talk about and live out Scripture, God and, yes here’s the word, truth?  What metaphors continue to be helpful and which seem to fall away? (i.e.  truth is like a building with foundation, truth is like a web where part can be destroyed but it doesn’t wreck the whole web, etc.)

2)  What is the role of truth in our faith communities?  How do we view it?  If this debate was on the Bible instead of Wikipedia, which side would we fall on?  Which side would YOU fall on?

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