NBA Fan Left Behind


I try to keep my sports fanaticism stifled here.  In part to keep people from recognizing what a nut job I am.  But I cannot be quiet on this issue any longer. 

I am one of the biggest fans of basketball and the NBA that I know.  I’m one of the few who actually will watch a whole game… in November… and not just when I’m sick and nothing else is on.  I love the NBA.  This past weekend was the NBA All-Star weekend, a weekend that is billed as “for the fans”.  Apparently the only way to be a fan of the NBA is to have cable or satellite.  I do not have either of these.  I therefore must not matter to the NBA.  

In my opinion of all the All-Star games in major sports the NBA All-Star weekend is one of the best.  The game itself is widely regarded as the most entertaining.  Players go out of their way to put on a show.  The NFL All-Star game is all about NOT getting hurt.  The MBL All-star game is all about… well I’m not sure anyone knows.  The NHL All-star game is only watched by 10 people in the States.  However ALL of these All-star games are available on the major networks.  Not so for the NBA. 

The NBA is popular around the world because it is a relatively simple game.  Put the ball in the basket.  All you need to play really is a ball.  You can make whatever you want the basket (a peach basket was used when the game started!  A peach basket!  If you can’t figure out something when a peach basket is your model then you shouldn’t be allowed to be around scissors).  This makes it easy to play, especially for those who are poor.  I am poor.  I do not have cable or satellite dish.  I also cannot watch the NBA All-star game or any of the weekend events (like the Dunk contest, 3 point shoot out and more).  The dunk contest I had READ later was perhaps the best ever.  And I, a true fan, cannot watch this.  

If the NBA wants to go the way of hockey it will continue this preposterous position.  However, if they want to continue to be the game of the people, it will find a way to let me watch the All-star game.  I mean, come on!  When are people going to learn that what I want is the most important thing????

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2 Responses to NBA Fan Left Behind

  1. Josh says:

    Well…check this out…not sure how long it will be online…but here are some of the dunks!

  2. Reid says:

    Man how can you love the NBA and not appreciate the All Star Game? The best players on the planet on the same floor what can’t you like !

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