Wanna Box?

“Hey Jahred, wanna box?” 

I overhear this brief invitation over the weekend.  Hmmm… this is probably worth investigation.  I walk into our front room to see my two boys “gloving up” by putting on their winter gloves and taking off their shirts.  I watch from the doorway as they lay out the ground rules.  No hitting in the face, both have to stay on their knees.  (I have no idea where they came up with these rules, but they turn out to be very good ones.)  They’ve done this before it is clear.

Then the boxing begins.  This basically involves Isaiah pounding away at Jahred who is giggling the whole time.  Then Jahred will throw the occasional push/punch to move his brother away.  This goes on for a time until one of them accidentally pops the other in the head or face (suddendly the reason Isaiah’s split lip won’t heal becomes clear!) which brings tears and a pause in the action.  Then its back to the action which quickly turns into a wrestling match. 

As a father, I go from “what’s going on here…”, to all out laughter in no time.  I love being a dad. 

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