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The Northwest will never be the same

I’m finally getting to visit the lovely Pacific Northwest (sorry Idahoans, but I’m still not sure if you count. I mean I’m sure you count to Jesus and all, but not sure you count as the Northwest). I’ll be in … Continue reading

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Giving Bread… but which kind?

Mark 2 continues to “bother” me.  I talked in another post about my struggle for what this means for us and our relationships.  But lately another question has been coming at me from this Scripture. The question for those who … Continue reading

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NBA Fan Left Behind

I try to keep my sports fanaticism stifled here.  In part to keep people from recognizing what a nut job I am.  But I cannot be quiet on this issue any longer.  I am one of the biggest fans of … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Meg!

Meg hits the double digits today!!  Happy 10th birthday Meg!

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What kind of friend am I?

  This Sunday in our Middle School group we were discussing the passage from the beginning of Mark 2.  In this passage, Jesus is teaching in a house, people come from all over to hear him and it gets “fire-marshal-freak-out-crowded” … Continue reading

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Wanna Box?

“Hey Jahred, wanna box?”  I overhear this brief invitation over the weekend.  Hmmm… this is probably worth investigation.  I walk into our front room to see my two boys “gloving up” by putting on their winter gloves and taking off … Continue reading

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