Advent Conspiracy

Today is the beginning of Advent. Our family has always enjoyed advent and have done some special things surrounding this time of year. This year it has been really neat as our church community has joined the “Advent Conspiracy“. If you don’t know about this movement, please check it out. Awesome stuff. There are four main parts to it…

1) Worship More – It is after all the celebration of Christ’s birth. To quote one of my kids, “Why do WE get presents on Jesus birthday?” (Not that they were complaining, just wondering!) It’s a true attempt to make our focus on Christ.

2) Spend Less – The average American family spends $900 per Christmas. Seeing as how the orinigal Christmas was in so many ways a rebellion from the republic, why not see this celebration as an invitation to stand against the republic of consumerism that creates so much chaos in our world?

3) Give more – This is not about ignoring this time of year or those around us. The idea of gift giving is quite biblical after all. This is an opportunity to re-think gift giving. The invitation here is to give more relational gifts (tons of ideas on the website).

4) Love all – If we spend less and give more, one of the ways tangibly to join together with others is to save some of the money we’re not spending and together work on projects centered around giving clean water to those who don’t have it. There are many places and programs that you can connect with here, but how cool is it that you can help give water to those in need??? I’ll try to find the video and post here later this week, but they showed a great video on this at our church this Sunday.

Consider yourself invited to join the conspiracy!

Updates:  As promised above the video that we showed at Jacob’s Well that was from Ecclessia Church in Houtson and their project last year for Advent Conspiracy can be seen here (I’m sending you through Tim Keel’s blog so you can see his thoughts on it as well).  AND you can see the video about our water project at Jacob’s Well this year here.

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One Response to Advent

  1. Josh says:

    This is GREAT! Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to steal your post…b/c this is good.

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