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Where I’m going to be

 A few updates on where I’m heading these days: – Congress on Evangelism in Savannah, Georgia – Jan. 2-4 – come hang out – Sanctuary: A youth pastor retreat – San Diego – Jan 3-5 – January… San Diego… yes … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be “Christian”?

I can only imagine how many zillion blog posts there must be with this kind of title, but this has been on my mind so much lately. I’m working on part of the paper that cannot avoid this topic and … Continue reading

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Sad day in Kansas City

I know it may seem silly to you, but one of my few pleasures since moving to KC has been their addition of real sports talk radio. I’m not refering to the ad naseum ramblings of some local yokel about … Continue reading

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Today is the beginning of Advent. Our family has always enjoyed advent and have done some special things surrounding this time of year. This year it has been really neat as our church community has joined the “Advent Conspiracy“. If … Continue reading

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