Elevate 2007

Niagara FallsLast weekend I had the wonderful privilege to spend time with some friends from the Canada Central District at their young adult retreat in Niagara Falls. It was a great weekend! They do such a good job putting this retreat together.First of all, they are all so welcoming and hospitable. Special thanks to Stuart Williams and family for making me feel at home and Arun Thangaraj and his family for being so hospitable and for talking hockey with me!! Secondly, it was great to be with people who are so eager and engaged in the Word. I had some great conversations there about church, Jesus and discipleship. The diversity there was also incredibly refreshing. There were people of all ethnicities there which made it feel quite a bit like heaven to me. Considering that most of the folks came from Toronto or Ottawa, where the church is definitely an after-thought if a thought at all, the willingness to to engage in practical, take this home and share it with a friend, kinds of ways was great as well.

Barrel for going over fallsIf you’ve never been to Niagara Falls, you should make the trip in your lifetime. It’s a fascinating phenomenon, but at some point (usually about the 15 minute mark) you realize, it’s water going over a cliff and is going to look pretty much the same 15 minutes from now and probably 15 years from now. Then you begin to long for something really exciting to happen, like someone trying to go over the falls in a barrel or something.

Which leads me to some questions:

1) What or who would I go over the falls in a barrel for? What would it take? I decided on the following:

a. My wife and kids – if they needed me to not if they just asked for fun (cause my son already did)

b. $17 million dollars – I may seem shallow (no pun intended) here, but yeah I’d probably do it. I figure that $1 million is not that much anymore plus I’m getting taxed for half which would leave me with 8.5 then it’s going to take $1 million per kid to get them through college I read the other day so now I’m down to half of that (especially with grad school). I’d take half of that and give it some places I know could really use it wisely to make a big difference. That leaves me with enough to do whatever I felt lead to and the ability to throw some great parties along the way.

c. World Peace – definitely wanting some guarantees before I get in the barrel

The other question that came to me about the falls, but I chose not to answer was: who would I like to put in a barrel and send over the falls?


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