Mid-day Prayers

A couple days ago I took all of our staff over to the Youthfront offices.  I wanted them to meet some of the great people there, I wanted them to see another youth organization and most importantly I wanted them to experience mid-day prayers.

Youthfront for the last three years or so has been doing mid-day prayers as a part of their daily rhythm.  It’s really great to see all of them (including janitors and support staff) stopping whatever they are doing to pray.  They do this (and other daily prayers) at their camps, but its great to see that they take this seriously on an office level as well.

I’m not sure that doing this in our office is what we should do, but I’m not sure its not either.  Part of it for me is wanting our staff to take ownership of their own faith, but part of it is wanting to make a statement in our organization.  Of course, working at galactic HQ may make it “not allowed” in some way too because they have a jillion policies about a jillion things.

Anyway, it was a great time and they really enjoyed it.  Then we went with Topher to Oklahoma Joe’s to make it a truly spiritual day!

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One Response to Mid-day Prayers

  1. Josh says:

    That’s some cool stuff there. Like a monastic experience or something.

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