Recommended Reading

I always tell my wife, “Hey you should read this.”  She has learned just to smile and say, “Okay, put it over there.”  Some she gets to, others, not so much.

Soooo… I’d like to recommend to YOU some books that I’ve recently been reading.

1)  Soul Graffiti by Mark Scandrette – check out a chapter here and you can order the book here too.  This book has certainly called me to more action and to more LIFE!  Mark is a great inspiration to me in many ways, but particularly in his prophetic kind of lifestyle.  I’ve been able to spend some time at his home and neighborhood and know that he truly lives this out.

2)  Intuitive Leadership by Tim Keel – check it out here.  Tim is not only a friend and my pastor, BUT truly a poetic voice.  Rarely have I heard someone so masterful of thoughts and words.  This will be a true treat for you.

3)  Presence Centered Youth Ministry by Mike King.  This is a great book to read, give away, buy more and give away more if you are in youth ministry  or know anyone who is.  This should be considered a pivotal book in youth ministry history as we turn from the 70’s based entertainment youth ministry model.

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