The Boy Scouts are Mocking who???

This weekend my son, Jahred, and his Cub Scout den and their families are doing a campout. It starts tonight and ends Saturday at lunch (at least for us – some older kids do two nights). I’m looking forward to spending time with my wife and kids.

What makes it interesting is that this is the first time camping with our kids in a tent. Add in the low temperature for the night being about 40 and we’re in for some sure fire snuggling.

The cold weather reminded me of the changes that means for the homeless… which lead me to remember a blog name I have come across, “Camping Mocks the Homeless”. I hope the Boy Scouts are not mocking the homeless.


We returned from our camping experience this morning.  I had failed to properly read the materials describing this “camping” trip.  We did indeed set up and sleep in our tent, but we were far from alone – there were over 500 other campers there with tents too.  It felt to me a little like a modern day Israel with all those tents.

If we were a modern day Israel then God was certainly trying to communicate to us all last night.  We had constant rain starting about midnight and it was mostly thunderstorms.  We packed up in the rain and took our soaking selves home about 9am.  Many didn’t make it through the night and along with the thunder we heard plenty of packing up in the dark and the rain.  All in all a great time though because we “survived” and we now have a great story to share.

To celebrate tonight we went to the movies and saw Mr. Bean.  The kids giggled most of the way through!

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2 Responses to The Boy Scouts are Mocking who???

  1. Josh says:

    Ah camping. I remember the time when you set up the tent in your back yard and the kids didn’t make it through the night back there. That was quality.

    So, how’d it go?

  2. Jessica H says:

    yeah Mr. Bean! I went with two of my friends, one of my quizzers, and my prof’s family. Every so often I would hear 6 year old Anne giggling. 😀 And my prof knew French and Russian, so he could understand most of what was being said, and especially laughed at “What kind of duck does he think he is?”

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