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Elevate 2007

Last weekend I had the wonderful privilege to spend time with some friends from the Canada Central District at their young adult retreat in Niagara Falls. It was a great weekend! They do such a good job putting this retreat … Continue reading

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Mid-day Prayers

A couple days ago I took all of our staff over to the Youthfront offices.  I wanted them to meet some of the great people there, I wanted them to see another youth organization and most importantly I wanted them … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading

I always tell my wife, “Hey you should read this.”  She has learned just to smile and say, “Okay, put it over there.”  Some she gets to, others, not so much. Soooo… I’d like to recommend to YOU some books … Continue reading

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The Boy Scouts are Mocking who???

This weekend my son, Jahred, and his Cub Scout den and their families are doing a campout. It starts tonight and ends Saturday at lunch (at least for us – some older kids do two nights). I’m looking forward to … Continue reading

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Nazarenes in Emerging Context

A couple weeks ago before the Post Modern Youth Ministry Conference we brought in some pastors from emerging churches that happen to be a part of our Nazarene tribe.  It was a great time together.  There will be some great … Continue reading

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Stealing Cultural Souls

At the recent Postmodern Youth Ministry Conference I attended I was introduced to a young lady from India. She is here in the US completing her Doctorate of Ministries studies at Nazarene Theological Seminary and is focusing her work on … Continue reading

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